Linking to the Reality.eth dapp

Parameters can be set for the reality.eth dapp by adding #! to the top page, followed by parameters and their values, delimited by /.!/question/0xa09ce5e7943f281a782a0dc021c4029f9088bec4-0x4c6b2691b7f698690168f1fa09c74886cb347d14207ef9a0340a7e53aced9961

Multiple parameters may be added in any order.

Choosing the chain

By default the dapp will show you the chain to which the user is already connected using MetaMask etc.

To specify the chain, append network, followed by the chain ID.

For example, for the Rinkeby chain use:!/network/4

If the user does not have this network selected, it will prompt them to switch to it. If the user does not have the chain in question configured in their browser, it will attempt to configure it using data from This is currently supported by MetaMask but not by Brave.

Choosing the token

Append token and the code for the token.

For example, to use the POLK token, use!/token/POLK

If you do not specify a token, the dapp will default to the native token, assuming one is supported.

Specifying the contract

On some networks, multiple versions of Reality.eth are supported, each with their own contract.

To specify that only a particular contract version should be used, for both displaying questions and asking new questions, append contract and the address of the contract.

For example, on Rinkeby the reality.eth 2.0 contract is deployed at 0x3D00D77ee771405628a4bA4913175EcC095538da, so you would link to:!/contract/0x3D00D77ee771405628a4bA4913175EcC095538da

Specifying the question

To link to a specific question, add the ID. Since multiple contracts may be supported on the same network, you should include the contract address.

For example, for a question on contract 0x3d00d77ee771405628a4ba4913175ecc095538da you would use:!/question/0x3d00d77ee771405628a4ba4913175ecc095538da-0xf9d2c6cd9a1b21d8ec4829dbb1e7b49e951e8171465335907274434b2b762774

This will display your question using the contract to which it was posted, even if you do not otherwise specify the contract that should be displayed by the UI.

Specifying the question creator

You can filter to the creator of a question by supplying the creator parameter and its address. This is often useful when your questions are created by a contract.

Specifying the question creator

You can filter to a particular arbitrator by supplying the arbitrator parameter and its address.

Specifying the question template

You can filter to a particular question template by supplying the template parameter and the numerical ID of the template. You should also specify the contract parameter above, as a different contract may use the same numerical ID for a different template.


Prior to August, 2021, question IDs did not include the contract address. These are still supported, but if the contract parameter is not supplied, the dapp may not be able to tell which contract the question lives on.